In this week’s worship service, Pastor Adam’s message is in our series on Jonah. We see that God pursues those he loves. We also see that the solution to overcoming our brokenness is not to try harder but to find rest in Jesus. 

Talk it Over

Use the following questions to help you think through this week’s message.  Join us on Google Meet, on Wednesday, May 20 at 7:00 pm for a Live discussion.

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Read Jonah 1:1-7

  • How does God reveal His control of all of the lives on the ship via the lots? How might a better understanding of God’s control in all things fuel a great passion to be obedient to what seem to be His hardest truths for us to follow?
  • When Jonah reveals that he worships the Lord, how is he being both sincere and hypocritical? In terms of what Christians believe and practice concerning the Great Commission, how might it be possible for a believer or a congregation to be both sincere and hypocritical in following the Lord?
  • What is the difference between the sailors’ fear and the fear of the Lord that Jonah says he has?
  • Why do you think God didn’t simply raise up someone else to do the task Jonah refused?

  • Why do you think obeying God is always in our best interest?

  • In verse 4, what was the consequence of Jonah’s disobedience?

  • What are some consequences we experience today when we run from God’s will?

*Questions come from Christ Center Exposition, Knowing the Bible, and