Session in a Sentence:

When the man who was disabled put aside his hopelessness and despair and trusted in Jesus, he was healed.

Jesus Heals a Man at Bethesda

Scripture: John 5

Series: Jesus the Healer (Gospels)
Speaker: Adam Burton
Date: June 25, 2020


In this session, we will look at the time when Jesus healed a man who had a prolonged disability and a profound sense of hopelessness and despair. Jesus demonstrated compassion and grace as He helped this man who had no one else to help him, and then He called him to faithful obedience. Jesus also revealed His identity as the Son of God through this encounter. For all those who have been healed by Jesus of their greatest ailment—the power of sin and death—the natural next step is to follow the commands of our Savior in faith and gratitude.