weekend announcements

Pencils for Schools Kids

Our pencil box is filling up.  The deadline to bring pencils is this Sunday, August 9.  These pencils will be given to children for the upcoming school year.  If you would like for us to pick them up, please let us know.

Water Bottles for Kids

We are half way to our goal of $100 to provide resuable water bottles for an entire class this school year.  Because of COVID-19, children cannot use the water fountains and must use their own water bottle.  We will have the basket at the entrance of the fellowship hall again this week for you to give as you feel led.

Online Events this week

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You can watch all of our online events on our website, Facebook, or YouTube.

week in review

Last week's Message

In this opening message in the Gospel of John, we see that Jesus is the Word, the Son of God, and provides grace upon grace.

Live with Pastor Adam

In this week’s Live with Pastor Adam, we walk through John 1:1-18.

Through the Word Bible Study

In this Bible Study, we see that Jesus declared that He is the good shepherd who knows and cares for His sheep and who lays down His life so they might live.