Tempering Fury: The Road to Peace

Adam Burton | June 6, 2023


Bloom Where You Are Planted

Using biblical passages such as Genesis 2:8-9, Psalm 1:3, and 1 Corinthians 3:1-9, Pastor Adam emphasized that God intentionally places us in specific situations. To thrive in our current situation, we need to embrace it, trust God’s purpose, bear good fruit, and experience prosperity in our souls.

Strong Roots in God’s Word

To flourish where God plants us, Pastor Adam stressed the importance of having strong roots in God’s Word. He encouraged his listeners to prioritize Bible study and Scripture memorization to deepen their relationship with God, gain wisdom, and be better equipped to face life’s challenges.

Stories of Inspiration

Pastor Adam also shared inspiring stories of people who have thrived where God has planted them, such as Patty Gasso, a softball coach who inspires players to live out their faith, and the Southern Baptist Convention’s church planting efforts. These stories serve as examples of what it looks like to trust God and bloom where we are planted.

Trusting in God’s Work

The sermon concluded with Pastor Adam reminding his listeners that God is always at work and that we can trust Him, even in the face of difficult circumstances. By trusting in God’s work, we can experience true flourishing and live out God’s purpose for our lives.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Pastor Adam Burton’s sermon on “Flourish Where God Plants” encourages us to embrace our current situation, prioritize studying God’s Word, and trust in God’s work. By doing so, we can experience true flourishing and live out God’s purpose for our lives. Visit Central Baptist Church in Maysville, KY, to learn more about how you can thrive where God has planted you.

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