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Living in Victory: Finding Our Position in Christ

When we think of victory, images of triumphant athletes or monumental achievements might come to mind. But what does it truly mean to live in victory, especially in our spiritual journey? Pastor Adam Burton from Central Baptist Church in Maysville, Kentucky, delves deep into this concept in his sermon, “Living in Victory.”

The Underdog’s Triumph

Pastor Adam begins with a captivating story of Eric Moussambani, an underdog swimmer at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Despite having the slowest time in Olympic history, Eric felt victorious because he gave his best. This story serves as a poignant reminder that our spiritual journey isn’t about worldly accolades but about giving our best in our relationship with Christ.

Positioned with Purpose

Drawing parallels with Michelangelo’s dedication in painting the Sistine Chapel, Pastor Adam emphasizes our unique position in Christ. Just as Michelangelo elevated our gaze with his art, we are called to rise above our earthly limitations and recognize our elevated position in Christ.

Confidence through Conviction

Our position in Christ isn’t just a title; it fuels our confidence. Pastor Adam illustrates this with the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition, emphasizing the role of faith in overcoming challenges.

Radiating Hope

Our victory in Christ is a beacon of hope meant to be shared with the world. Drawing inspiration from the “Star of Bethlehem,” Pastor Adam encourages believers to shine their light, guiding others towards hope, love, and salvation.

Standing Strong

Using the Great Wall of China as a metaphor, Pastor Adam underscores the importance of building and maintaining our spiritual defenses. Just as the Great Wall protected against invasions, we must guard against spiritual invasions of doubt, fear, and temptation.


Living in victory is about recognizing our position in Christ, drawing confidence from our faith, sharing our hope with the world, and standing strong in daily battles. It’s a journey of giving our best, anchored in Christ’s love and promise.

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