Standing Strong: Overcoming Modern Temptations with Jesus


In today’s hyper-connected world, overcoming modern temptations is a challenge many face. From the allure of social media to the pressures of consumerism, our culture constantly bombards us with distractions. But what if there was a way to stand strong amidst these challenges? Dive into today’s message and explore the nature of temptation in the digital age.

Today's Temptations

Modern temptations have evolved, taking on new and subtle forms. From the digital dilemmas of our online world to the chemical challenges of substance abuse and the sensual struggles of our culture, temptation is everywhere. Yet, in the midst of these challenges, Jesus offers a path of contentment, peace, and purity.

Jesus' Journey: Wilderness Wisdom for Our Battles

Jesus, the Son of God, faced temptation in the wilderness. His experience provides invaluable lessons for those overcoming modern temptations. Through His reliance on scripture and unwavering commitment to God’s will, Jesus showcases his divinity, humanity, and victory over the devil’s schemes.

Triumph Tactics

Understanding temptation is foundational, but how do we navigate daily challenges? Equip yourself with strategies such as the scripture shield, wise withdrawal, circle of strength, root remedies, and the power of prayer. Remember, our ultimate strength comes from Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s work in us.


Our journey with temptation is not one of despair. Every challenge is an opportunity to lean deeper into Jesus, experience His strength, and witness His faithfulness. As we face life’s battles, let’s remember that our strength comes from Christ, who has already triumphed over sin and death.

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      September 24, 2023

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