The Spiritual Battle for Our Health: Unveiling the Unseen Warfare


In the “Spiritual Battle for Health,” Pastor Adam Burton delves deep into the profound connection between our physical well-being and the spiritual warfare we often overlook. This intricate relationship affects us all, and understanding it can be the key to triumphing over life’s challenges.

Recognizing the Unseen Enemy

Our daily struggles, whether physical or emotional, often have deeper spiritual roots. Drawing from Ephesians 6:12, Pastor Adam highlights that our real battles aren’t always visible. The spiritual warfare, or the “Spiritual Battle for Health,” rages silently but significantly impacts our lives.

The Deep Connection Between Physical and Spiritual

Scripture is replete with stories showcasing the intertwined nature of our spiritual and physical well-being. From the paralyzed man in John 5 to King David’s Psalms, the Bible underscores how our spiritual battles manifest physically.

Equipping Ourselves for the Battle

To triumph in the “Spiritual Battle for Health,” we must be well-equipped. Pastor Adam emphasizes deep prayer, God’s Word immersion, counsel from believers, and worship. With the full armor of God, we can stand firm against the enemy.


Our physical and spiritual battles are interconnected. With Christ as our guide, we can emerge victorious in every “Spiritual Battle for Health” we face.

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      September 17, 2023

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