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By Adam Burton | October 8, 2023

Main Point:

Our victory in Christ is both a gift and a mandate. Through faith, we are positioned with purpose, filled with confidence, and called to radiate hope. As we navigate our spiritual journey, it’s essential to fortify ourselves daily, ensuring we remain steadfast in our spiritual battles.


  • The story of Eric Moussambani: Victory isn’t always about coming first, but giving our best.
  • Our journey as believers is about knowing our position in Christ.

I. Positioned with Purpose: Seated with Christ

  • The Sistine Chapel: Elevating our gaze mirrors our position in Christ.
  • Scripture: Ephesians 2:6 – We are seated with Christ in heavenly places.
  • Elevated by Grace: From spiritual death to life.
  • Authority in Christ: We have the authority to resist the devil and declare God’s truth.
  • Heavenly Perspective: Adopting a viewpoint from God’s perspective.

II. Confidence through Conviction: Victory in Faith

  • Our confidence springs from our faith in Christ.
  • The story of Sir Ernest Shackleton: Resilience, determination, and belief.
  • Scripture: 1 John 5:4 – Victory through our faith.
  • Rooted in Christ: Our faith is founded on God’s promises.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Our faith equips us to overcome challenges.
  • Faith’s Transformation: Our faith molds our character.
  • Community’s Role: Faith thrives in community.

III. Radiating Hope: Sharing Our Victory

  • The “Star of Bethlehem”: Guiding others to the hope in Christ.
  • Scripture: Matthew 5:14-16 – We are the light of the world.
  • Victory’s Responsibility: Sharing our story of triumph.
  • Living Testimonies: Living a life that resonates with the joy of our victory.
  • Encouraging the Weary: Sharing our victories offers encouragement.
  • Ripple of Inspiration: Our shared stories inspire many.
  • Legacy of Faith: Our stories become a legacy for the next generation.

IV. Standing Strong: Victory in Daily Battles

  • The Great Wall of China: Building and maintaining our spiritual defenses.
  • Scripture: Romans 8:37 – Overwhelming victory is ours through Christ.
  • Discerning the Battle: Identifying the real enemy.
  • Daily Armor: Equipping ourselves with the Word, prayer, and community.
  • Identity in Christ: Our identity as victors is anchored in Christ’s work.

Our victory in Christ is a beacon of hope meant to be shared. As we shine our light, let’s also fortify ourselves daily, ensuring we stand strong against all adversities. Through Christ, we have the power and protection to stand strong against all adversities, and by turning to Him, we can find healing, strength, and victory.

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