Standing Strong

Sermon Notes

By Adam Burton | October 1, 2023

Main Point:

The power of collective prayer is profound and transformative. When believers unite in prayer, they create a spiritual powerhouse that can overcome challenges and make a significant impact in the world.


  • Challenges can be overwhelming, but communities that unite can overcome them.
  • The early Christian community faced challenges but united in prayer.

I. The Forgotten Power of Collective Prayer

    • Collective prayer is a spiritual weapon against darkness.
    • There’s a unique strength in collective prayer, especially during challenging times.

      II. The Potency of United Prayer

        • When believers unite in prayer, the enemy takes notice.
        • Jesus promises his presence when believers gather in unity.

        III. Becoming a Prayer Powerhouse

          • Share and pray with others, cultivating relationships of trust.
          • Share stories of answered prayers to encourage and uplift the community.

          At the heart of our prayers stands the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let’s harness the power of collective prayer and become a community that makes a difference.

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