The Battle for Our Health

Sermon Notes

By Adam Burton | September 17, 2023

Main Point:

While we face physical struggles, such as illnesses and emotional distress, these challenges often have spiritual roots. The enemy targets our weaknesses to undermine our faith, but by recognizing these spiritual battles and equipping ourselves with prayer, God’s Word, and community, we can overcome. Through Christ, we have the power and protection to stand strong against all adversities, and by turning to Him, we can find healing, strength, and victory.


  • Many people relate to feeling exhausted and weary.
  • Physical struggles often have spiritual roots.

I. Know Your Enemy

  • There’s a spiritual war happening even if we can’t perceive it.
  • Our real enemies aren’t always visible; they are spiritual forces.
  • Satan uses tactics like deception, accusation, and temptation.
  • We have God’s spiritual armor to protect us.

    II. Invisible Invaders

    • Our bodies react to what’s happening in our minds and spirits.
    • Physical problems often point to spiritual battles.
    • Examples from the Bible: The paralyzed man by the pool, King Saul’s torment, and King David’s experience.
    • Spiritual breakthroughs can lead to physical healing.

    III. Suit Up

      • We need strong anchors like prayer, God’s Word, and Christian community.
      • Prayer aligns our hearts with God’s purposes.
      • Immersing in God’s Word protects us from deception.
      • Honest counsel from fellow believers provides valuable perspective.


      • We are reminded that our battles involve more than just the physical realm.
      • Jesus offers divine power and protection.
      • Invite listeners to turn to Jesus and bring their burdens to Him.
      • Encourage those who haven’t accepted Jesus as their Savior to do so.
      • Those who have strayed are invited to return to Him.

      As we navigate the complexities of life, let’s remember that our battles involve more than just the physical realm. Let’s cherish, protect, and strengthen our spiritual health with God’s guidance.

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