Standing Strong

Sermon Notes

By Adam Burton | September 24, 2023

Main Point:

In the face of modern temptations, we can find strength and guidance in Jesus’ example. By understanding and navigating these challenges with the wisdom of scripture, prayer, and community, we can stand firm in our faith.


  • The modern world presents unique challenges and temptations.
  • There’s a deep-seated longing for more in the midst of distractions.

I. Today’s Temptations

  • Modern temptations are subtle but powerful.
  • Challenges arise from digital devices, chemicals, and sensual desires.

    II. Jesus’ Journey

    • Jesus faced and overcame temptations, providing lessons for us.
    • He prioritized spiritual nourishment and rejected worldly power.

    III. Triumph Tactics

    • Strategies to navigate daily temptations include scripture, withdrawal, sharing struggles, addressing root causes, and prayer.


    • We can lean deeper into Jesus to navigate temptations.
    • Rely on Christ’s strength and not our own.

    Amidst the challenges of the modern world, let’s remember to lean on Jesus and the wisdom of scripture to stand firm in our faith.

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